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The Four Seasons: Wedding Marquees Throughout The Year

October 30th, 2014

If you’re thinking of having a marquee at your wedding then it is a good idea to consider the season of your wedding date during the planning stage. The great thing about marquees is that they work all year round, regardless of the weather. At Best Intent Marquees our seven years of experience has taught us what works best; tailor your wedding marquee to the season with these quick tips and ideas.


To begin, the five main things you should think about are:

  • Shelter for guests
  • Indoor lighting
  • The outdoor terrain
  • Seasonal flowers
  • Appropriate colour scheme




With such unpredictable British weather you can never guarantee bright spring sunshine so it is best to prepare for rain and wind just in case. Particularly for early spring weddings the ground is likely to be muddy so think about how your guests will arrive to your marquee and the flooring. Dirty wedding dresses and sinking high heels aren’t nice!


A light and airy marquee tent will bring life to a spring day, and if it is cold, have a small heater installed. Think pastel colours and delicate flowers for decoration. Draping cherry blossom in and around the tent is a lovely way of welcoming the spring.




Hot sunshine and cloudless skies are what every bride and groom want from a summer wedding. Leave your marquee walls open to make the most of the sun and beautiful outdoor setting. Consider adding decorations or chairs outdoors too to create a more relaxed atmosphere, particularly if it is especially warm. Many summer weddings have been known to take shape as a formal garden party with a BBQ or cold buffet.


Flooring is usually less of an issue with the summer months so lighter surfaces work fine too. Bright pops of colour are perfect for summer: yellows, greens and oranges can be implemented with clean white cloths and lace. For a truly modern summer wedding make the most of flower decoration, and opt for wicker baskets and bunting.




Early autumn weddings might benefit from a warm day too but consider the chill from the wind. Heaters are simple to install if the temperature does drop. A polished wooden floor is most appropriate with similar wooden furniture to match.


Rustic themed weddings tend to work best for this time of year. Autumnal decorations could come in the form of lanterns and rich colours for the changing seasons. Personalise your marquee with the warm colours of falling leaves and offer seasonal meals such as pumpkin dishes.




Many people are put off by the thought of winter weddings but with a bit of special attention and forward planning, they can be just as effective as any other time of year. Heating and lighting are the major things you need to factor into a winter marquee wedding. Have a series of heaters installed so that all of your guests are kept warm. Consider having blankets dotted around as well to create a cosier, homely atmosphere. Fairy lights and scented candles will bring a wintery, magical feel too.


Traditional decoration and warm red colours will bring the winter period to life. For a more glamorous wedding choose silver or gold decorations, with icy blues and whites. Lush velvet interiors, ginger breads and hot mugs of cocoa will add a lovely touch to your winter marquee wedding.


If you want help with your marquee wedding ideas, here at Best Intent Marquees we will be happy to tailor to whatever your dreams are. Our specialists work in Scotland and around the North of England. Get in touch today for more information.



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