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January – a month for meetings and planning!!

January 30th, 2011

January was a month for meetings and mad planning! Meetings are not just a means for us to get business, it is also imperative that we familiarise ourselves with every site that will be accommodating one of our marquees and, particularly when it comes to weddings, it is also very important that we meet our clients face to face and start to develop a good working relationship right from the start.

Ultimately a marquee is a marquee – most of us in the industry get our marquees from the same manufacturers and, certainly when it comes to the clearspan framed marquees, the basic structure is the fairly standard. The difference with Best Intent Marquees comes from our service and the fact that we want to help our clients customise their marquees to match their vision for their event, whilst bearing in mind their available budgets. The traditional poled marquees offer something slightly different, as there are very few of us supplying them nowadays and as such they are in high demand. We are actually just in the process of renewing and replacing a lot of our stock for the traditional poled marquee, as while other companies are trying to move away from this style of marquee, for us it is a key product.

Indeed the January planning always leads to some quite major reinvestment – at the moment this year we have focused on a new lorry and forklift and new traditional marquees, but no doubt as we go through our orders for the rest of the year we will find other things we need to buy, upgrade and expand. This is an inevitable part of our business, as we always want to feel that our clients are getting the best of everything – particularly when it comes to their wedding day.