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June – The Month of Madness

June 30th, 2011

With the Rugby 7s season closing up at the end of May and the Hearts for Heroes run behind us, June brought the beginning of the busy wedding season. The start of the month found an extremely big job at Haddington being coupled with a wedding in the Tweedsmuir valley. The team were also back at Musselburgh Racecourse to put up pagodas for their latest meet and we also did a lunch on the Winton Estate in East Lothian. The following week the team had to de-rig these jobs quickly as the busiest 3 week period of the year was looming. There were weddings all over the country this week with the team rushing round to ensure that everything was perfect for all the clients. This even involved a late Friday night trip to Aberfeldy to cater for a customer’s last minute needs – displaying the flexibile and personal service that Best Intent prides itself on. There was a mixture of traditional poled marquees (in Westruther and Melrose) and clearspan framed marquees (in Gifford and Aberfeldy and at Traquair House).

There was no rest as the next week brought the Borders Book Festival at Harmony House Gardens with 7 tents being erected of all different sizes to cater for all the different Festival events. With all the marquees required to be up for the Tuesday the start of the week was hectic – we had to get the previous weeks’ marquees de-rigged and there were some long hours worked to ensure completion for the Book Festival’s deadline. There was also a meeting at Musselburgh Racecourse this week –as well as the usual pagodas that go up there was also a marquee required on the Queens Lawn for the Owners and Trainers. The end of the week was also busy with weddings at Cardross, just north of Glasgow, and Sprouston to end a strenuous week and the week that Charles proclaimed to be ‘The Busiest Week Ever’ (this isn’t the first time this term was to be used over the course of the summer).

The following week was the one that had caught the attention of Philip and was the week that he had pinpointed as ‘The Busiest Week Ever’ so the team were once again prepared to work around the clock. With the Borders Book Festival finished the large marquee was transferred just down the road to Annay Road for the Melrose Ball. There were 3 weddings in this week with the squads being split to be able to get all the jobs completed in time for the weekends festivities. Half the team went west to Ayrshire and the other half went South for a foray into the North of England for another wedding in Alnwick. There was also a local wedding in Selkirk and a party in Maxton to keep the team busy before the week ended with everyone being reunited for a trip to Annan to rig up a marquee for the Pipe Band Championships over that weekend.

This weekend brought to the close the end of the hectic month that was June. There were a lot of tired bodies and minds but a very successful month and a lot of happy customers. Bring on July!!!!!