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March brings with it sunshine, snow and sporting activities

March 11th, 2011

As the Six Nations draw to a close we can take our marquee down from Murrayfield Hotel where it has been since the start of the campaign – thanks again to Festival Inns for their custom.

Mary’s 40th birthday party at the end of February was a great success – which we managed to keep as a surprise by hiding the marquee in a shed! The tent was filled with loads of famous people on the saturday night – sadly not the real ones, but some very good fakes!

Friarshaugh Point to Point marquee is being dusted off for next meet, with the Buccleuch Point to Point on the 19th of March followed by Berwickshire Point to Point on the 2nd of April. We will also be doing the sponsors tent for the Buccleuch Point to Point which should be fun.

It has been slightly quieter on the weddings front this month but full steam ahead next month – the quotes keep going out, and we got first quote request for 2014 last week!!! We are all looking forward to melrose 7s beginning of next month.

We have also just done the furniture for a wedding at Abbotsford- their first one of the season – they are still taking bookings for this season after the renovation work there has been postponed. They will be opening up the house for events this summer again.